We've been building online solutions for businesses in Auckland and throughout New Zealand since 2001. 

Labyrinth Solutions' renowned, globally recognised Contegro Content Management system is listed by US based CMS Report as one of the top 30 CMS products in the world.

Partnership is a two way street. When you choose to work with the Labyrinth team, you'll find us fully committed to your project from day one to far beyond the project launch date. We'll partner with you every step of the way and provide a premium support service to ensure you continue to achieve success with your digital strategy.

World-class development and design

Labyrinth Solutions takes pride in its uniquely designed, individually structured and powerfully supported websites, mobile apps, touch screens and digital signage for New Zealand's leading brands. We offer world-class development, design, service and support. We believe the business tools that feed into your online strategy need to be well-planned, well-executed, well-managed and well-supported. That's why, when partnering with our clients, we lay a rock-solid foundation for growth, first time around.

It's this philosophy that defines who we are and what we stand for. It's a philosophy that underpins our drive for efficiencies throughout our client-centric, strategic website service and creates a culture of excellence across every facet of our work.

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