Are you optimising for the 'right' keywords?

Author -  Labyrinth Solutions

Almost every new client we talk to as part of the project brief asks us pretty much the same question; “Can you get us first page ranking for our key words?” 

The trouble is that, too often the key words that clients get their sites ranking well for are not the ones that bring them new sales opportunities or revenue growth! Let me explain: 

When someone searches for something online, they are typically at one of 4 stages. 

  1. Research - At this point they are fact finding, information gathering – they really don’t know what they want at this point at all. An example that we’ll use for all 4 stages would be tea, yes, the good old staple of English society. Someone at this stage might use the following search terms: Tea, about tea, beverages, hot drinks - All very generic
  2. Consideration - Here they are beginning to narrow down their search terms, getting more specific. Terms used here might include: Green tea, earl grey, tea diets
  3. Purchase - As the term implies, now they are looking to buy. This is probably the key stage to optimise for as search terms used here can directly lead to business. We call search terms in this category, terms with high commercial intent. They might include:  Auckland tea stockists, tea shops north shore, buy tea online
  4. Loyalty - Search terms now will be based around the brand or the company name. Search terms here also have high commercial intent and should be optimized for. They would include, for the tea example: Lipton, Bell, PG Tips and Choice

We now suggest to our clients that they spend some time identifying the terms they want to rank for, then write their content with that in mind from the outset. It's so much easier this way round than writing the content then having to adjust it to suit the right keywords.

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