Case Study // It’s window shopping - but not as you know it

Author -  Labyrinth Solutions

Hooker Hobsonville has proven they’re a truly innovative and market-leading business by becoming the first LJ Hooker franchise in New Zealand to install a touch-screen window to provide a better customer experience for their customers.

In an industry where marketing and standing out from the crowd is integral to success, the new touch-screen technology provides a very real advantage. Essentially it creates an interactive storefront, similar to giant iPads, which potential buyers can interact with, searching the agency’s listings by area, price or size.

Amy Anderson, sales manager of Hobsonville LJ Hooker, says it was the interactive capability that initially stood out to her.

“It’s great that it’s 24 hours, so if someone is looking when we are out of the office, they can still have a browse and find what they’re after. We love that they can define their search, browse listings, send us enquiries and email themselves listings of interest - and all without needing screeds of paper. Online and digital is the space to be in so we jumped at the chance,” she says.

Compared to older-style digital signage, which just scrolls through listings, the new touch-screen technology provides a far more engaging customer-driven experience. Customers can search for what they’re most interested in, rather than just watching streaming content that is irrelevant to them. With the touch-screen technology, customers get to control the experience, which is the biggest game changer. It’s also key in driving customers inside, to further their experience and the sales process.

Standing out in the marketplace with technology that no one else had, was another factor for Anderson in installing the touch screen.

“It’s also a great visual appearance for our front window,” she says. “It’s certainly a talking point.”

Vaughan Reed, owner of Labyrinth, developed this touch-screen technology when he realised there was a real demand for it in the real estate industry.

“Lots of people stop by real estate agencies after hours or on weekends, when sales staff have left for the day. We found real estate agencies wanted something attention grabbing that could provide practical help in their absence. The traditional static window cards aren’t engaging and make it hard to find what you are looking for,” Reed says.


  • The touch screens can be installed on any area of glass.
  • Customers can search listings by location, size or price.
  • They can email themselves the details of a particular listing
  • The touch-screen technology can run without any human help, meaning it can run 24/7, providing service round the clock
  • Users report being impressed by the ability to interact with the technology, compared to traditional window listings or digital signage


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