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ContegroFull-2Col-Solid-REV.jpgPivotal functionality to Contegro Version 4, Workflow is a step-by-step quality-control process that will help eliminate errors in content and ensure that high website standards are maintained.

Access levels are created for staff allowing them to perform different tasks for Content and Structure.The Publisher (top level), checks that a page submitted by a Writer or an Approver (lower levels) is correct before publishing the page and making it live.

One single Workflow scenario can be used as a global site-wide process, however with Contegro's Workflow, additional flexibility is available where multiple workflow scenarios can be established within sections of the website.


Three Person Workflow Diagram

Workflow functionality is completely scalable, allowing precise control to organizations that have multiple site administrators, or deactivated for those where only one or two key people are administrators.

Organizations that manage multiples sites can incorporate different workflow scenarios for all sites and are not limited to just one scenario.

One Person Workflow

  • Administrators (writers) have permission to save changes (and lock the page) and publish to the live site as soon as the edits are complete.

Two Person Workflow

  • Ideal for organizations where content changes require approval prior to edits being published.
  • There are two common scenarios:
    • Writer has Edit & Publish permissions / Approver has Approve permissions
    • Writer has Edit permissions / Publisher has Publish permissions

Three Person Workflow

  • Ideal for organizations where site changes are managed by a Writer (who actions changes), an Approver (who approves changes) and a Publisher (who publishes edits on the live site).

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