Google's Wonder Wheel

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Google's new Wonder Wheel,  is a free and useful tool to help with optimising your website content for search terms that people are actually using. It's also a useful tool when you are searching for something and not quite getting the results you want.

So, what is it and where is it found? Basically it's just another tool within the standard Google Search Engine. It's based on mind mapping technology and shows in a wheel format alternative search terms to the one you entered.

Googles Wonder Wheel.jpg


You'll find it located in the normal Google search engine. Simply type in your search request as normal, for example 'website' as above and it'll either appear automatically, or you may have to click on 'more search options' on the left hand side and then on Wonder Wheel.

Let us know what you think about this. Also had you heard of it before you read it here? It has been out a few months now, but so far very few people seem to know about it, even those working in the web space.

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