Guide to online shopping #3

Author -  Allan Kent [Guest]

Maximising sales generation with your online shopping facilities

Because websites don’t allow for that personal interaction, a website needs to offer the customer a different, but still engaging experience. Some ways to do this and encourage sales include;

  • Gift cards or vouchers - Buying behaviour alters when buying for someone else, and spend levels are generally two to three times higher. Vouchers encourage recipients to come to the store and  often spend more than the voucher value. Vouchers are also an ideal way for overseas customers to buy in one country for a recipient in another without the need for shipping products.
  • Registries - for weddings, anniversaries etc. Similar benefits to gift cards.
  • Allowing customers to create ‘wish lists’ - They tell their friends and family who know exactly what to buy them for birthdays and Xmas etc.
  • Gift add-ons - such as greetings cards, gift wrappings, related products etc.
  • E-cards - They encourage extra traffic to your site as both the giver and receiver need to go to the site. If the card page catches their attention with an offer, the chances are high  for sales.
  • Rating products - showing top rated products and customer reviews is a great way for taking away customer uncertainty.
  • Video demonstrations - and testimonials from satisfied customers serve the same purpose.

So, will the establishment of an online shopping facility work for you and your business? If you are seriously considering it, the suggested next steps would be to calculate what additional revenue you estimate it would generate for you against the costs involved (both in the website and in the elements of infrastructure discussed) and calculate a return on investment. If it is positive with a comfortable margin for error, you should get on to it as quickly as possible.

Labyrinth Solutions have been creating websites since 2001 and have built their business based on the concept of only providing websites for clients that will benefit from a positive ROI from the project.

If you want help in deciding if e commerce is for you, contact our lead web strategist today and we can take you through the discovery process.

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