The formula for social media success

Author -  Allan Kent [Guest]

Social Media for Business - The Formula for Getting it Right!

In a Blog posting by Mitchell York , he examines the formula devised by Social Media Examiner’s CEO, Michael Stelzner for successful business use of social media:

GC + OP - MM = Growth

Opening up this formula, it translates as

Great Content + Other People's (input and feedback)  - Marketing Messages (or self promotion)  = Business Growth.Simple!!

In a nutshell, he is saying that if you provide great content such as free advice, informed opinions and comments on current industry happenings, you will attract the attention of those you ultimately hope will do business with you. They will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. (Actually I was going to say like a congregation to a preacher or prophet, but decided against that – a little bit political in today’s multi-cultural society!)

Anyway, as you establish yourself as a viable thought leader in your industry, when the time comes for your product or service, it’s you they will come to as you have earnt their trust.

The important thing though in this formula is the Other People and the Marketing Messages or self promotion.

To really succeed in getting your content heard, it’s vital to get the input from others. This includes getting people's feedback and engaging with them. It also includes getting other experts in your field to share your social media platform, such as getting them to guest Blog, or comment on your postings. This can be very powerful and open up your content to a much wider audience.

Regarding Marketing Messages or self promotion - as the formula says, this should be avoided as much as possible. Most of us avoid so called advertorials because they have no credibility. They are not independent editorial, yet are not upfront adverts either. Self promotion on social media is akin to this.

So, if you are already involved in using social media for business, or are about to, ensure you work to the formula as it is a recipe for business growth.  

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