Useful christmas tips for business

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10 Christmas Tips for Businesses

  1. 'Mobilise' your website for smart phones
    During the holiday period (which is 3 weeks or more here in NZ) many of your regular contacts will be accessing your site via their mobiles. This is one of Labyrinth's specialities and an area we love to help with, but act fast as time is tight!
  2. ‘Christmasize’ your website design to reflect the season
    Most websites should be able to accommodate simple CSS updates to add some seasonal decoration. It will add another reason for existing visitors to re-enter the site.
  3. Christmas Email Newsletter
    If you publish regular newsletters, you’ll want to have a Christmas edition. What specific information (apart from seasons greetings) do you have to tell your audience about your business over the holidays and into the New Year?
  4. Display your opening hours
    Within en email newsletter, detail your business hours during the holiday period as well as ensuring that they are prominently displayed on your website. This is particularly important if your customers generally come to your offices or showrooms/shops.
  5. Nominate a staff member for after hours contact
    If you are closing down, what level of support cover will you be giving your customers? Make sure you have a schedule in place to provide cover where it’s required. You don’t want to lose an important client by dropping the ball over what should be the season of goodwill.
  6. Divert emails
    Ensure all website enquiry forms are diverted to someone who can respond in a timely and meaningful way.
  7. Review your content
    New content additions are an important factor in pulling in visitor traffic to your site. Pre-write content and use scheduling tools within your website CMS to publish automatically.
  8. Keep it relevant!
    Following on from this, use these same CMS tools to un-publish content once the respective date has been and gone. For example remove Happy Christmas messaging after Xmas and replace with Happy New Year.
  9. Remember remote office options
    If you intend working whilst away on your holidays, drop the files you intend working on into Drop Box.
  10. Holiday networking to keep business rolling
    Make sure you have a good supply of your business cards with you over the holidays. Who knows who you’ll meet at BBQ’s etc. who could be great business contacts.

Do you have any useful Christmas planning tips of your own? Use the comment form below and they will be added to the list.

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