What makes a CMS better than another?

Author -  Allan Kent [Guest]

I learnt when selling business phone systems that it was not the list of features and functions that persuaded people to buy as generally most systems in the market had similar lists of functions.

So what was it that made a difference to users?

Ease of use or usability. Users didn't care about all that it could do, rather how easy it would be to do the key things they wanted to do. If it looked complicated and difficult to manage, then that was a major turnoff and a difficult one to overcome. Sure, the IT or technical guy there might love it, but he was not the typical user. The receptionist, the admin and sales people, plus all those other people in the company that had need of the phone everyday, they were the ones that mattered and if they didn't like it the sale was doomed. The same thing is true with a web CMS. They all do largely the same, especially in terms of managing content, but how easy that is to do differs considerably. Websites are typically managed by marketing or sales people and not the IT dept so ease of use for these people becomes a key determinant to whether the CMS is suitable or not.

The second major thing that influenced the sale was - How does it help them? A feature is worth nothing, it's the benefit that has the value. If it doesn't save or make them money, or make their life easier in some way, why have it?

We use  Contegro as our CMS because it has been designed specifically for ease of use. It replicates the familiar Windows format we are already familiar with, so that in itself is a huge comfort factor for those nervous about getting in at the backend of their website.

Contegro incorporates familiar usability controls such as drag and drop and right click functionality - again helping the user feel instantly at home with its use.

In a modern work environment we rarely get to concentrate and work on just one task - we're used to having several tabs open as we work on several things simultaneously. Contegro recognises this need and allows multiple pages and multiple tasks to be worked on simultaneously. 

How does this benefit the company and the end user? Online marketing needs to be proactive and content regularly changed. The easier this is to do, the more likely it does get done. In addition, the quicker the tasks can be performed the greater the productivity. Who in business doesn't want to improve productivity

The video below gives a very brief insight into Contegro's usability. We'd love to hear your feedback on it. 

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