Why people might "Like' your business Facebook page

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In an article entitled "How and Why Facebook Users interact with brands", Adam Ostrow talks about how the average Facebook user 'Likes' a brand or company.

Incidentally a 'Like' is simply the new name for what was previously known as a 'Fan'. Not sure why they changed the term - I think it’s much easier to be described as a Fan or Follower of a particular company or brand, than a 'Like of ...' don't you?

Anyway he reveals some interesting stats regarding the rationale behind liking a brand. It's well worth reading the full article, but in case you don't some of the key reasons are as follow:

  • 40% to receive discounts and/or promotions
  • 39% to show loyalty to a company/brand to others
  • 30% to get updates on upcoming sales 29% for fun and entertainment 13% for education about company topics 13% to interact

Basically this all tells us that we have to provide a  good mix of content and incentives if we hope to grow the base of regular followers.

Thanks to Patrick Dodd of Reson8 Consulting for recommending Adam's article. This type of information should prove invaluable if you're serious about using Facebook to promote your brand.

Help us build a list of good reasons why people might 'like' your facebook page by placing a comment with your suggestion below.

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