WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are NOT the Best CMS

Author -  Mike Johnston from CMS Critic

The following is a summary of the article from Mike Johnston at CMS Critic that talks about why Word Press, Joomla and Drupal are not the best CMS systems despite their level of popularity...

For years, people's honest intentions have been doing these content management systems a disservice by blindly recommending them for everything under the sun just to help them gain more popularity and a larger user base.

As popular in name as these three open source CMS are, the fact of the matter is they are simply NOT the best CMS on the market. I realize that this statement may upset people in their camps but it is a statement of fact. 

This may come as a shock to you but... There is no BEST CMS.

Now, let me tell you why these products are not the best CMS on the market. I'm sure this is likely going to upset some people but I think these things are important to identify. 

WordPress is NOT the Best CMS

WordPress is, first and foremost, a blogging platform. Yes, I know, there are those who say it's the best for everything under the sun including corporate websites and more but the fact of the matter is that when the developers are working on features for WordPress, writing blog posts is their #1 focus, not whether or not it can run a realty website or law firm. 

Furthermore, WordPress suffers from something a lot of content management systems suffer from… too much dependence on plugins. On top of this, plugins are not tested by any WordPress core developer to ensure they pass some form of QA before entering the plugin repository. As a result, issue such as this one can occur:

Constant Updates

You see, as a new person who is using WordPress for the first time seeing an update notice, you assume it's a good thing to do it for security reasons. The problem with this is that more often than not, a simple plugin update has the potential to bring your site down hard and leave you scrambling to find a developer to help you figure out what just happened.

To be fair, this isn't a WordPress specific issue (although it is very common with WP) but rather an issue with a significant number of CMS that rely on plugins (and believe me, the list is long).

Joomla is NOT the Best CMS

There are lots of people that love Joomla and that's great. It is, however, simply not the best CMS out there. 

The Plugin Game

Joomla suffers from the exact same issue that WordPress suffers from when it comes to plugins. Plugins are not tested against the system by Joomla core developers before being added to the repository (this same issue is persistent across a ton of CMS and isn't Joomla specific). 

Joomla websites, for some reason, also seem to have a high rate of hacking attempts against them. I don't blame this on Joomla specifically but I think it's more due to the fact that Joomla is popular and therefore, hackers focus on it and target websites using it specifically. This happens just as often with WordPress to be sure but I tend to hear more often from people who have attempted to use Joomla, been hacked and are looking for new solutions.

Poor recommendations = Poor Experience 

I say this because products such as Joomla and Drupal tend to be geared more towards those familiar with content management systems more than say, WordPress would be. They are slightly more advanced products. In my mind, I see the top three in order of difficulty: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal (Beginner user, Intermediate user, Advanced user). Improperly using a CMS for a situation it's not best suited for can result in problems and a poorly configured system which in turn, can lead to issues down the road. 


As you can see, like WordPress, Joomla has plenty of issues too and while it is a good product, it's not the best CMS on the market nor is it suitable to just recommend it for anything without thinking things through carefully and planning out a use case to see if it's a good fit. 

Drupal is NOT the Best CMS 

Here's where things get interesting. In my opinion, Drupal isn't a CMS. It's a CMF. This stands for content management framework and basically means that you can think of Drupal like Lego, you can build anything you want with it with virtually no limitations. It truly is an amazing product BUT (and here's the big problem) people still tend to recommend it for projects that require way less complex and easy solutions.

So, rather than just saying something unhelpful like "Use Drupal, it's the best!!!" perhaps you should consider what Drupal was designed to do and what projects it is best suited for before making a recommendation. 

It just ain't easy 

Let me apologize in advance to all Drupal fans for this next statement. Drupal simply isn't easy to use. In fact, it's one of the more complex content management frameworks out there and people who think setting up Drupal properly is a quick and easy process are definitely going to be in for a shock.

Drupal can be massively overwhelming to a new user but, in the right hands, just like Joomla and WordPress, it can also be great when used properly.


Of the top three, I think Drupal has the most potential for a wider variety of projects considering how versatile it is and the fact that it is, first and foremost, a framework for building complex projects and web applications. 

So What is the Best CMS? 

This may come as a complete shock to everyone but.. 

Put simply, there isn't one and there never will be. 

Read the full article - WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are NOT the Best CMS by Mike Johnston at CMS Critic

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