Partner with Labyrinth for your digital strategy

When you choose to work with the Labyrinth team, you'll find that our process begins by clearly defining your digital strategy to identify your business goals, then continues way beyond your project launch date.

It's this interest in your business, and ongoing strategy, technology and support, that gives us the confidence to say: "You should choose Labyrinth Solutions!" We'll partner with you at every step of the process, and provide a premium support service to ensure you continue to achieve success with your digital strategy.

When clients partner with Labyrinth, they find that we're always there for them. From offering regular personalised strategy meetings, useful Blog articles and comprehensive CMS support and training, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that they are not alone and can rely on us at all times. You'll have this peace of mind too.

We've been building websites for businesses in Auckland and throughout New Zealand since February 2001. We have had the same senior management all this time, and you can be sure that we’ll be around for many years to come.

But perhaps one of our most compelling differences we can offer you over our competitors is the fact that we’re the people behind the renowned Contegro Content Management System (CMS).  Listed in 2011 by US based CMS Report as in their Top 30 CMS products worldwide, out of 1,700!

You can be sure that if you partner with us for your website requirements you will be more than happy that you did so. Contact us now and let's get the ball rolling!

Let our lead Digital Strategist help you achieve online success...
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