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Content / Editor


By default, a link will bring you to the top of the web page. To direct traffic to a specific part of the web page, you need to create an anchor.


To manage anchors in the Editor - open the Contegro start menu and select and select Content > Editor.


Double left click to open the page or right click and select [Open].

Open page

In the Editor, you can:

Create anchor tags

Manage links to anchors (either on the same/a different page)


Create anchor tags

1.Click [Edit Content] to open the content (editor) module that contains the content you would like to link to.

Open editor

NOTE: If your content is generated using another module, you can add a content module to the same container. Another option would be to use HTML to add an anchor tag in a custom code module (e.g. <a name="productfeatures"></a> ).

2.Place your cursor in the area where you want the anchor tag to sit and open the Hyperlink Manager.

Open the hyperlink manager

3.Open the Anchor tab, enter an anchor name and click [OK].

Set anchor name

Key Info: If the Hyperlink Manager does not work correctly, you may need to add your site to your Trusted Sites list within your browser’s settings.  See Setting up a trusted site.

4.When all tags have been added, click [Publish].

Preview content and save or publish

Manage links to anchors

1.Double left click to open the page or right click and select [Open].

Open page

2.Click [Edit Content].

Open editor

3.Select the text or image you are using to create a link and open the Hyperlink Manager.

Select text/image and open the hyperlink manager

4.To create a link:

a.On the same page as the anchor tag

i.Select a tag in the Existing Anchor field

ii.Click [OK].

Select anchor tag

b.To the page with the anchor tag

i.Using the page menu ID

1.Select Web Page in the Internal Link dropdown

2.Select the page (containing the anchor tag)

3.Select the URL radio button and append a hashtag (#) and the anchor name (e.g. [MenuItemID=13]#sitesecurity)

4.Click [OK].

Anchor link (using menu ID & tag)

ii.Using the relative URL

1.Select the URL radio button, enter the page URL + hashtag + anchor name (e.g. /product-tour/features#sitesecurity)

2.Click [OK].

Anchor link (using relative URL)

5.When all links have been setup, click [Publish].

Preview content and save or publish

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