The List Settings tab allows administrators to associate a page to one or more categories and set the title, listing date, summary and thumbnail image displayed in Category Lists, Page Lists and Search Results modules.


1.Go to Contegro StartContent and select Editor.

Tip: For quick access, use the Editor shortcut icon on the desktop.


2.Hover over the page you wish to edit and double click or right click and select Open.

Note: The right-click menu options displayed in the Site Tree panel will vary depending on the group permissions associated to your admin account.


3.Open the Attributes Panel.
Attributes Panel

4.Select List Settings within the Attributes Panel and edit existing settings as required.
Editor > List Settings tab

5.Click [Save] to save changes in the Editor or [Publish] to save changes and update the live site.

Key Info: Step 5 refers to the one person workflow scenario.  If your site uses the two person or three person workflow scenario, the Publish button will not be displayed until submitted changes have been approved.  Refer to Workflow Scenarios for more information.


Attributes Panel List Settings fields explained List Settings fields explained



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