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Banner Module

Core Modules / Banner


Use the banner module to add images to your webpage.

Example of banner module on live site


TIP:  (i) Update multiple pages simultaneously - add/manage Banner modules via the Template Manager. (ii) See also - Manage Modules.


Manage Banners in the Editor

1.To add a banner - open your webpage in the Editor and add a banner module.
To manage an existing banner module - go to step 2.

Add banner module

2.Open the module settings.

Open the Banner settings

3.Update settings.

Banner Module Settings

Use Template Settings

Check box to use the settings managed at template level.

Note: Modules added at page level are not linked to the Template Manager and do not show this setting.


Select your banner image.


Add an image title tag (optional).

The tag is displayed when site users mouse pointer is placed over the image.


Enter the target URL or select an internal link option. Update the settings as required and click [OK].

Open in New Window

Check box to open the link (above) in a new window.


TIP:  We recommend using this option when linking to another site or external webpage.

Responsive Friendly Banner

Use this setting to control the HTML output when displaying banner images on a mobile device.  Check box if you want to hide this banner image in responsive layouts.


4.Click [Publish] to apply changes to the live site.





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