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Contegro® Barcode Generator

This section covers administration tasks relating to the management of your Barcode Generator.  The help topics have been divided into two groups to help you find the most relevant information relating to the task you are carrying out.


Note: This section of the user guide is based on the assumption that the Barcode Generator module has been set up and configured as per the Setup Guide.


Getting Started:

Manage Campaigns

Manage Reports

Manage Module Settings


Manage Global Settings

Setup Guide



The Barcode Generator module enables the generation of printable barcodes (that can be generated via a third party provider, manually entered or uploaded as a barcode image).

Bar code generation can be controlled by restricting the number of times a particular code is used. Once that number has been reached, the voucher will no longer be presented on the page.  Multiple bar codes for different campaigns can be set up to run concurrently on the site.

Graphical reporting is provided to show how many times the bar code has been downloaded over a defined period of time.

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