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This section covers administration tasks relating to the management of your Blog.  The help topics have been divided into two groups to help you find the most relevant information relating to the task you are carrying out.


Getting Started



Manage your blog articles (or content):





Manage topic articles (or content) groupings:





Manage or reply to comments submitted via the Contegro form:





Author (Google+ posts)

Word Filter


Setup Guide


An interactive tool for online discussion. Inspire. Comment. Reflect.

Key Features:

Content Flexibility
Publishing your article is easy with a full HTML editor to add text, images, documents and links. A date picker helps with scheduling and expiry. Follow-on comments, Facebook commenting, email subscription, Comment Form and RSS functions are all integrated functions.

Comment approval with ‘noise’ control
An automated approval process can be activated to avoid unwarranted comments. Also, you can eliminate inappropriate comments simply by adding words to a ‘Noise’ list. This word filter is great feature for monitoring competitor spam or expletives and gives you confidence in content that is posted on your website.

Controlled Access for Members
Member (and group) level permissions can be applied to control access for website members such as; business partners, suppliers and customers. Restrictions can also be imposed on the Topic and Comment forms, restricting public to ‘read-only’ access, whilst members have full access to the Blog.

Smart Listing Options
Lists showing your latest or most popular articles can be added to any website page to ensure maximum exposure. Lists can also be ordered by ‘tags’. When your visitors view a page with a common tag; highlighted articles, products and images (for example) will dynamically show – irrespective of their categories or site tree location.

Site-wide Searching
The Blog modules integrates into Contegro’s site-wide search function. When performing a keyword search, results (topics and comments) are ordered by relevancy.

My Favorites Integration
The Blog module is integrated with the Share Add-on module which allows viewers to save a selection of their favorite blogs into their own ‘My Favorites’ area on your website.

Multi-Language Support
Written content and date formats have multilingual support.

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