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Blog Author (Google+ Profile links)

Add-on Modules / Blog / Settings


The Blog Author Manager links your Google+ profile (https://plus.google.com) to the topics you create.  When the link is set, your Google+ profile picture and account name are displayed in Google search results.


Note: In order for the link between blog topics and your Google+ profile to work correctly, please ensure:
- You have a Google+ profile photo with a recognisable headshot
- Your blog topic author name matches the name on your Google+ profile


To link your Google+ profile to your blog topics, open the Contegro Start menu and select Add-On Modules > Blog and Settings.

Contegro Start > Add-on Modules > Blog > Settings

By default, the Settings window opens the Author tab and any existing authors are listed in the left hand panel.


From the Author tab, you can:

Add an author

Edit an author

Delete an author

Add Author


1.Click [New Author].

Click New Author

2.Set the name, Google Plus URL and status.

New Author fields


Set the blog topic author name.

The name must match the author set in the Blog Topic Manager.

Google Plus URL

Enter a valid url to link the blog topic author to their Google+ profile.


Note: When a topic author matches a Google+  profile, the Google+ meta tag is automatically added to the page where the Blog Comments List module resides.


Set the author status.

Inactive and Deleted authors will no longer be linked to the Google+ URL entered in the field above.


3.Click [Save].

Save Author


Edit Author

1.Click [Edit Author].

Edit Blog Author

TIP: Use the search filters to locate an author.


2.Update settings and click [Save Author].

Edit author settings and save


Delete Author

1.Select [Deleted] in the author list "Status" field.
Click [Edit Author], select Deleted in the "Status" field and click [Save Author].

Delete status

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