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Blog Categories

Add-on Modules / Blog / Categories


Categories are used to group a specific set of topics. Member permissions can be applied to individual categories to control access to the blog content on your site.


To manage categories, open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Blog > Categories.

Contegro Start > Add-on Modules > Blog > Categories

By default, a list of existing categories and the New Category form is displayed in [Categories].

Create Blog Categories

From the Categories page, you can:

Add categories

Edit categories

Delete categories

Add Categories

1.Click [+New Category].

Click [New Category]

2.Add a Category Label and URL Name. Updating other settings as needed.

Blog category settings

Category Label

Set the category name (or label).

This is used by the Blog Categories, Topic List and Advanced list modules.

URL Name

Set the category URL which is used to make up part of the blog URL string.
(Max. 50 characters, alpha-numeric characters and hyphens only). By default, this field is auto-populated with the blog category label (above).

Set Parent

Use this field to set the parent category.


TIP:  Drag categories in the tree to move and reorder saved categories.


Add a brief summary about the category (optional).

The summary is used by the Blog Categories module.


Set the blog category date.

By default this field is populated with today's date. The date is used by the Blog Categories module to set the category order from newest to oldest.


TIP: To avoid errors, use the date picker to select your preferred date.


Enter one or more email addresses (comma delimited) (optional).

An email notification will be sent to each address whenever a blog topic is added via the Blog Topic List module.


Set the category permissions (optional).

By default all categories are public. To set permissions, click the dotted button [...] and move member groups from 'Available' to 'Selected'.


NOTE: Child (or sub) categories inherit the access level of its parent.


Set a category image (optional).

Set Image - Click [Browse] to select a category image within the Thumbnail Selector pop up (see also Manage Images).

Remove set Image - Delete the file path within this field.


NOTE: The Blog category image is published in the Blog Categories module.


3.Click [Save Category].

Click [Save Category]

Edit Categories

1.Select the category you want to edit.

Edit Blog Discussion Properties as required

2.Update settings.

Edit blog category settings

3.Click [Save Category].

Click [Save Category]

Delete Blog Categories

1.Select the category you want to delete.

Edit Blog Discussion Properties as required

2.Click [Delete Category].

Click [Delete Category]

3.Click [YES] to confirm deletion.

Confirm deletion


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