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Blog Comments

Add-on Modules / Blog / Comments


Bloggers can comment on your topic (article) by posting a reply which appears instantly or by approval.  Comments can be posted via the Contegro comment for or Facebook Commenting.


NOTE: To moderate Facebook comments, use the Facebook Comment plugin options on the Blog Comment page or login to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/comments/ 


To manage comments added via the Contegro comment, open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Blog > Comments.

Contegro Start > Add-on Modules > Blog > Comments

By default, any comments with a pending status are displayed.

Blog Comment manager

From the Comments page, you can:

Add comments

Edit comments

Delete comments


Add Comments

1.Click [New Comment].

New comment

2.Update settings in the [Edit Comment] tab.

New Comment fields


Select the category your comment relates to.


Select the topic your comment relates to.
The dropdown will only show topics related to the selected category/s.


Enter your name.


Enter your email address (optional).


Add a website address where relevant (optional).

You can enter an address with or without the http:// prefix.


Set the comment publish date.


Note: Blog Comments published on the live site can be set to order by title, date order or reverse date order.  The date set in the 'Publish Date' field is used to determine the ordering of the blog list if set to order by date.


Set the comment status.

Do not email subscribers

Turn setting on if you do not want to notify subscribers about the new comments.
Note: This setting is only shown when pending comments are added via the comment form and are manually set to active in the Comments manager.

Do not email subscribers


3.Click [Editor] to add your comment in the content editor.


4.Click [Save].

Save changes

Edit Comments

1.Click [Edit Comment].

Edit Blog Comments

2.Update fields in the Edit Comment tab or switch to the content Editor to update the comment.

Edit blog comments and save

3.Click [Save].

Save changes

Delete Comments

1.Click [Delete] in the comment list.
Click [Edit Topic], select Deleted in the Status field and click [Save].

Delete Blog Comments



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