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Category List module

Core Modules / Category List


A category list module creates a dynamic list of links to pages within your site (e.g. News, Services, Competitions, Case Studies, Team Profiles, etc).

Example of category list module on live site

TIP:  (i) Update multiple pages simultaneously - add/manage category list modules via the Template Manager. (ii) See also - Manage Modules.



Manage Category Lists in the Editor

1.To add a category list - open your webpage in the Editor and add a category list module.
To manage an existing category list - go to step 2.

Add category list module

2.Open the module settings.

Open the Category List settings

3.Update settings as required and click [OK].

Category List module Settings

Use Template Settings

Check box to use the settings managed at template level.

Note: Modules added at page level are not linked to the Template Manager and do not show this setting.

Use template settings


Category List module - Create settings

Manage list by

Choose one of the following options:

Categories - Generate a dynamic list of pages associated with one or more categories.

Tags - Generate a dynamic list of pages that share the same tag(s).
Tagged content includes pages, products, blogs, events, stores and documents.


Select one or more categories.

The list will display pages associated with the selected category/s.

Sub categories

Check this box to list pages associated with sub categories.

This setting removes the need to tick all sub categories in the category tree.  Simply select one or more parent categories and check this box.


Leave field blank or set specific tags.

The list will display tagged pages.

Member Pages

Check this box to show member only pages in the list.


Note:  This option does not give public viewers access to member pages.  When member only page links are selected, site users will be redirected to the login page, once logged in they are automatically directed to the page.


Category List module - Define settings

Custom Title

Add a custom title (e.g. Latest News, Special Offers, etc) (Optional).

Heading tag - For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice, select a heading tag for the title.

Order/Group by

Set the order of list items by:

Date - Latest First or Oldest First

Title - Ascending (A-Z)

Most Popular - Number of page views

Category - Custom or Alphabetical



Show/hide heading options:

Category (and Full Path)

Parent Category (and Full Path)



Sort by

NB: The 'Sort by' field will only be displayed if you select 'Categories (Custom)' or 'Categories (Alphabetical)' in the Group/Order by field above.


Set the sorting order of items that are grouped/ordered by category:

Latest First

Oldest First



Most Popular

Limit to

Use this field to limit list items to a specific date range, year or previous number of months (optional).

Maximum items in list

Set the max. number of items published in the list.  As a new page is added to a category, the last item is removed.


Per Group - Set the number of items listed per category (optional).


NB: The 'Per group' field is only visible when grouping/ordering by category.


Set the maximum number of items before pagination occurs.

Items to Display

Select the item details you want to show in the list (i.e. title, summary, image etc)

Click [Please Select] to manage the 'Items to Display' settings. Click [OK] to apply changes.

Display - Toggle the 'Display' to show/hide items in the list.

Group - Add a DIV class for styling purposes.

Drag Me - Drag-and-drop to set the order. To move multiple items, use the CTRL button to select multiple items and drag all items to a new position.


NOTE: Item content is managed in the List Settings tab within the Attributes panel.

Thumbnail Width/Height

Set the maximum thumbnail width and height in pixels.


Note: If either field is blank when the settings are saved, the default height and width settings in the category list global module settings will be used.


Char. Limit - Set the max. no of characters for the summary.

Link Text - Set the link text displayed at the end of item (or page) summary (e.g. More»», Read More >, etc).

RSS feed link

Create an RSS feed.

RSS title - Add an RSS Title.

RSS description - Add an RSS Description.


4.Click [Publish] to apply changes to the live site.


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