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Workflow Management Overview

Workflow is a control process within the website's back-end allowing staff of different authority levels to work on it's its content and even structure, whilst ensuring that final quality control standards are maintained. In its most simplified form, access is granted that allows the performance of different levels of task, culminating in the top level, the Publisher, who checks that all work is satisfactory before publishing i.e. making the content visible to the public at large.


In Contegro's case, additional flexibility is included in that, not only can tasks be restricted by authority level, so too can various parts of the site itself. For example, the Human Resources team might have all levels of workflow activated for their area of the site but no-one from that team would be allowed control access to other areas of the site.


The workflow functionality is completely scalable, allowing precise control to those organisations that have multiple site administrators, or deactivated for those where only one or two key people have access to the back-end.


This section explains the task of managing workflow actions and the email notifications sent to site administrators throughout the workflow process:

Manage Workflow Actions

Manage Workflow Email Notifications



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