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Create New Site

Key Info: A minimum of Developer permissions is required in order to access and manage this Contegro function. See Manage Administrator Accounts.


This section explains the task of creating a new site:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Designer Tools and select Create New Site.
Contegro Start > Designer Tools > Create New Site

2.Enter Site Details – Site Name, Folder Name, Description, Site Address and click [Save]. The Site Details entered here will be used to generate key site information and cannot be changed once saved
Create New Site fields

a)The Site Address you state will become the address you access through your web browser. Your Login Details need permissions to update the IIS server.

b)Leave the Default of 80 for the Site Port. You will only need to change this is your Staging Server environment required a different port.

c)A message will appear to indicate that site creation was successful

d)However, if the network service account (your login) does not have “modify permissions” activated on the data folder an unsuccessful message will be shown. You need to upgrade your license.


3.Use the Site Selector to switch sites and manage content on the newly created site.


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