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Create a New Template

By creating a new template through the Templates manager, you are essentially duplicating an existing file. You can also create your own file or Convert HTML to ASCX Template and FTP it to the Templates folder. The Template Manager will automatically scan the Template Folder for any new files.


1.Go to Contegro Start > Designer Tools and select Templates

2.Select an existing Template File from the drop-down.

1.Type a Name, Description and CSS Location

2.Select the option that suits to copy Containers Only or Copy Modules (for both Containers and Modules)

3.Set the Status

4.Enter your FTP Username and Password and [Save]


Create Template

3.A new Template will show within the manager and corresponding ASCX Template file is automatically generated.

4.You will need to save down the new ASCX Template file via FTP, if it requires amending for Design purposes. Otherwise it will replicate the styles already setup.


5.All modules from the original Template will appear in the new Template, if you selected ‘Copy Modules’.

6.Remove or change the Modules as required in the Templates manager and Save

7.Populate containers with required Modules and manage Container functions and save your Template

When you make changes to an existing Template which has associated pages within the website using it, you will be presented with the following message when you click [Save]. Click [Cancel] if you are in doubt and it will not update the pages with your changes.


Clicking "Save" will update existing website pages. If you are in doubt, don't proceed. Click "Cancel" and check your changes.


Deleting a module is not reversible. This action will "unlink" it from the database. If you then add the same module back in, the new module will be a different instance 

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