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Custom Code

Core Modules / Custom Code


Custom Code modules are ideal for adding custom code to any page including third party controls (e.g. Live Chat, Share pricing, Facebook & Twitter widgets, YouTube videos, etc). Enter code manually or insert snippets of HTML stored in Contegro's snippet library.


TIP:  (i) Update multiple pages simultaneously - add/manage custom code modules via the Template Manager. (ii) See also - Manage Modules.



Manage Custom Code in the Editor

1.To add custom code - open your webpage in the Editor and add a custom code module.
To manage existing custom code - go to step 2.

Add custom code module

2.Open the module settings.

Open custom code settings

3.Update settings and click [OK].

Custom Code Module

Use Template Settings

Check box to use the settings managed at template level.

Note: Modules added at page level are not linked to the Template Manager and do show this setting.


Add a title to describe the content generated by this module.

This title is not published on the live site.  It is used as a reference or description for your code.


Snippet dropdown - Select a snippet stored in the snippet library (optional).
Note: Snippets are linked to the Custom Code template only. See field below.


Select a template (optional). Default options include:

1.Custom Code

2.Google Maps

3.YouTube Video

4.Vimeo Video



Each template has settings


NOTE: If you have custom requirements for your website, you may see other template options you can use to add content or code to your site.  Each custom template will have settings that cater to the requirements at the time of setup.  Please contact your Contegro specialist for assistance with custom templates.

Custom Code

Add HTML manually or copy and paste code to help reduce errors.
Alternatively, select predefined HTML from the drop down in the Title field to insert code stored in the snippet library. This field is displayed when 'Custom Code' is selected in the Template field.


4.Click [Publish] to update your site.

Publish changes


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