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Design Integration

Contegro empowers designers, not developers to define the possibilities in website creativity.


Reviewing the Default Site and Files - The Default Site consists of a set of sample pages and related default files to display Contegro’s core modules to allow you to get started quickly with design integration.


Template Design & Implementation - You will find it helpful if your Design Visuals are accurate and your Pre-planning stage is thorough as you shouldn’t need to touch the ASCX Templates, CSS Files or Templates manager again, once you have completed the Template Design and Implementation process.





Definition of a Contegro Designer


For the purposes of this part of the guide, we refer to a 'Designer' in a broad term and have made the following assumptions regarding their skills when designing and integrating a Contegro website.


1.A conceptual designer with good vision for creating interesting and functional websites

2.Knowledgeable in HTML and CSS for creating templates

3.Familiar with an image editing program such as Photoshop or Fireworks for creating design visuals

4.Familiar with an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver for editing CSS and HTML needed for template creation and module styling

5.Familiar with FTP for accessing files that reside on an external server

6.Familiar with Contegro's Modules and their settings


Key Info: A minimum of Developer permissions is required in order to access and manage this functions suggested in this part of the Contegro User Guide. See Manage Administrator Accounts.


This section covers:

Multi-site Ability

Reviewing the Default Site and Files

Template Design & Implementation

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