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Digital Signage Reports

Add-on Modules / Digital Signage / Reports


To access the report, open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Digital Signage > Reports.

Contegro Start > Add-on Modules > Digital Signage > Reports

By default, the Location API Details report is generated when the page opens. Use this report to monitor the last synced time for each of your digital channels. You can also locate the username/password settings needed for the Digital Signage windows app.

View Location API report

TIP: The Location username / password can also be viewed in the Locations tab.


Switch to the Location Schedule report to view which locations are currently linked to a schedule.

View Location Schedule report


Uptime Monitoring

The Uptime Monitoring report displays all the devices that are syncing, not syncing, and have never synced in your environment. This includes Linux players, Windows players, and LG WebOS devices.


The 'heartbeats' of the devices that will be considered offline are: 3 minutes for WebOS devices and 10 minutes for Linux & Windows players


The uptime monitoring report is also available to view even if you're not logged in the admin page.





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