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The Devices tab is currently available for monitoring & sending commands to WebOS devices only.


To go to the Devices Tab, click Contegro Start > Add On Modules > Digital Signage > Devices. This tab will only show depending on your user access permissions.



The devices tab will list all the WebOS devices that is syncing with your environment.




To edit or view the device details, click Edit



The modal window will display the details of your selected device




Input / Network

Lists all the network connection details of the device


Lists the WebOS app settings of the device


Lists the picture information of the TV

On/Off Timers

Lists the timers set on the device


Lists all the technical information about the device. This is where you can see the App Version, App Build Time, Uptime of the screen, TV Model Name, and Firmware Version

Slide Logs

Lists the logs that are important for device troubleshooting. The Device Tab only shows the latest 50 logs sent by the device, but the rest of the logs is stored in the database

Information Bar Logs

Lists the logs about the information bar



Running Commands

Send commands remotely to the screen by clicking these commands:


Sync Slides

Force to sync the slides by sending this command. By default, the screen syncs based on the set minutes in your settings

Delete Files and Sync Slides

Delete all the stored files and redownload all the slides to your screen

Update App from Remote Server

Updates the device to the latest released WebOS app

Update Settings

Updates the settings of the device. The minutes to sync is set here

Set Display Mode to On

Sets the TV display to On

Set Display Mode to Off

Sets the TV display to Off (Note: this is different from turning on the TV)

Reboot the TV

Forces a reboot of the device

Turn the TV Off

Turns the TV off

Send a screenshot

Asks the device to send a screenshot. By default, the screen sends a screenshot to the server every 5 minutes

Enable Wake Up on LAN

Enables the screen to wake up on a wired connection

Add On Timer

Add an on timer to the screen

Add Off Timer

Add an off timer to the screen





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