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A single select drop down list. In html this control would be a <select></select> input.



Property key


Example property value


A comma separated list of values to display in the dropdown

Australia,New Zealand,England,France


The value of the dropdown option which should be selected by default. If this is blank, the first option will be selected by default

New Zealand


Whether a first option with the text "Please Select..." should be added or not


If this is True , and the field is required, you should add some validation to make sure that the user selects an option which isn't "Please Select..."



Whether an "Other" textbox should be dynamically displayed below the dropdown


This textbox should only be visible when the EnableFillinChoiceInput value is selected in the dropdown



The dropdown value which makes an "Other" textbox get displayed below the dropdown. If this value is selected, the value of this form field will be the text which is entered into this textbox


If this value is blank, but EnableFillinChoice is True, use the word "Other"


This value will not be in the ListOptions and will need to be added as the last option in the dropdown list

Another country

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