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Edit Document Properties

The Edit function in Contegro's Document Manager is used to edit document meta data and overwrite existing files (with an updated version).


Tip: Using edit to overwrite document files helps to retain document links at page level.


This section explains the task of editing document properties in the Document Manager:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Content > Files and select Documents.
Contegro Start > Content > Files > Documents

Tip: For quick access, use the Documents shortcut icon on the desktop.


2.Select a document to view properties (Title, Description, Access Level, etc) in the Properties panel.
Select document to view properties

Key Info: If the Document Manager tickbox is enabled in the Search module, the Full Text Search (FTS) function will trawl through the document meta data (Title, Keywords and Description)  as well as the document content.  For best results, use the following as a guideline for optimising documents:
- Ensure that you concentrate on one key-phrase focus for each document  in the Document Manager. 
- Refer to the document content, the key-phrase you select should be referenced in the document at least once. 
- Keep each documents key-phrase unique!


3.Click [Edit] to load edit properties fields.
Edit Document Properties Button

4.Edit properties as required and click [Save] to update document properties.
Click Save button to save document properties


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