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eLearning Setup Guide

The eLearning module is a Form Builder extension; providing a total solution that makes the online learning process easy and instant for site users.


This task is based on the assumption that your quiz, test or exam questions have been created with the Form Builder module beforehand.


Step 1 - Configure Global Settings

The global settings are used to set the global default 'Incorrect answers intro'.


1.Go to Contegro Start > Administration and select Global Module Settings.

Contegro Start > Administration > Global Module Settings

2.Click eLearning.


3.Set the 'Incorrect Answers' intro. If any questions are marked as incorrect, the 'intro' is displayed on the page where the eLearning module resides.


4.Click [OK] to save changes.

Step 2 - Create eLearning Page

1.Create a new 'eLearning Confirmation' page in the Editor and add the eLearning module.


2.Open module settings, update as required and click [OK].


3.Click [Publish].

Save - Publish

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