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Digital Signage Global Settings

Administration / Global Module Settings / Digital Signage


KEY INFO: These settings are managed by your digital channel specialist. Please consult with them before making any global changes.


Open the Contegro start menu and select Administration > Global Module Settings.

Contegro Start > Administration > Global Module Settings

Click Digital Signage.

Digital Signage global settings

Update global module settings and click [OK] to save your changes.

Digital Signage global settings

Schedule Editor Start Time

Choose the default start time that will show in the weekly scheduler. When you open the Schedule tab, the weekly scheduler will scroll down to the start time set in this field.
Set schedule editor start time

Minutes Between RSS Updates

Set the number of minutes between RSS updates. Any slide with an RSS component will use this setting.

Automatically Clean Up Videos

Check this box to enable auto deletion of files in the _DigitalSignage/_Videos folder in the Image Manager.

Instagram RSS feed

Your Instagram account is authenticated at the time your feed is setup on your digital channel.  Please contact your digital channel specialist if you need to reauthenticate your account.

Information Bar

NB: The global background color, image and text color fields below are used to set the info bar style for all info bar items added via Contegro.  They are also used as the default settings in the Information Bar manager.

Background Color

Enter a color hex code to set the default info bar background color.

Note: See also - Info Bars


Use this field to set a default background image. The image size should match your info bar screen size (e.g. current standard is 1920px x 160px).

Notes: (i) See also - Info Bars (ii) Create images at the correct size as they are not automatically optimised to fit the info bar area.

Text Color

Enter a color hex code to set the default info bar text color.

Note: See also - Info Bars

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