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Image Gallery Add-on Module Setup Guide

This section explains the following tasks relating to the initial setup of the Image Gallery Add-On Module:


Configure Gallery Global Settings

This section explains the task of configuring the Gallery global settings:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Administration and select Global Module Settings.

Contegro Start > Administration > Global Module Settings

2.Select 'Image Gallery Image' in the Module Name column.

Global Module Settings - Select 'Image Gallery Image'

3.Update global module settings as required and click [OK] to save any changes.

Image Gallery Global Settings

Key Info: Ensure that the page selected in the 'Full Text Search Target Page' field contains an Image Gallery Thumbnails and/or Image Gallery Image module.  The target page is used to display images returned in the Search Results.  Select an existing page (see Configure Image Gallery Pages section below) or create a hidden 'Image Gallery Search Results' page specifically for the search results.

Create Gallery Categories (Albums)

Configure Image Gallery Pages

The Image Gallery can be setup in multiple pages within a site as well as within multiple sites (i.e. multisites). There are primarily two ways in which the image gallery can be configured on the live site:


Key Info: Multiple instances of the Image Gallery Thumbnails module can be setup throughout your site and each instance can be set to display a single gallery category (or album). The Image Gallery Categories and Image Gallery Image modules are dependent on the Image Gallery Thumbnail module and cannot be standalone.


Two Page Gallery Configuration Two Page Gallery Configuration


One Page Gallery Configuration One Page Gallery Configuration


SEO - Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking (optional)

If this site is setup with e-commerce (i.e. Image Gallery and Shopping Cart modules), please ensure that the 'Use Tracking Code' site setting is enabled; as this will allow the Shopping Cart module to automatically generate google analytics e-commerce tracking script.


Note: The Google Analytics 'E-Commerce tracking' dropdown must also be set to 'Yes, an E-Commerce site' in the Profile Settings.


When all of the steps above are complete, the next step is uploading and managing images.


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