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Digital Signage - Info Bars

Add-on Modules / Digital Signage / Settings > Info Bars

Info Bar

This section explains how to add an info bar to your digital communciation channel.


Note: See managing info bar content to learn how to update the content on your info bar.


Open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Digital Signage > Settings.

Digital Signage > Settings

Select the Info Bars tab.

Info Bars tab

From the Info Bars page, you can:

Add an info bar

Edit info bar settings (i.e. add more locations/administrators/change the info bar style)

Delete an info bar

Add Info Bars

1.Click  New Info Bar.


2.Use the fields in the New panel to add your new info bar.

New info bar settings


Enter info bar name. Use an easily identifiable name, e.g. All internal screens, Staff channel, Reception.


Select the location(s) where this info bar will be displayed.

Note: If the content intended for the scrolling info bar area is location specific, add one info bar per location.  If your info bar content is global, you can add one info bar to multiple locations.

Contegro User(s)

Select one or more users who will have access to edit the content via the info bar portal.
See also - Portal Setup

Background Color

Enter a color hex code to set the info bar background color.


Use this field to set a default background image (optional). The image size should match your info bar screen size (e.g. current standard is 1920px x 160px).

Note: Create images at the correct size as they are not automatically optimised to fit the info bar area. See also - screen sizes to add padding to your info bar.

Text Color

Enter a color hex code to set the info bar text color.


Set the info bar status.


NOTE: The Background Color, Image and Text Color settings above are applied to info bar items added via the portal.  The default info bar styles for items added via Contegro are managed in the Digital Signage global settings.


3.Click Save Info Bar.


Edit Info Bars

1.Locate the info bar you want to edit in the list and click (Edit Info Bar).

Edit info bars

2.Update the info bar settings and click Save Info Bar.

Save item


Delete Info Bars

1.Click (Delete Info Bar).

Delete info bar

2.Click YES to confirm deletion.

Confirm deletion

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