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Insert Symbols / Special Characters

The Content Editor supports the ability to insert special characters and symbols such as copyright, trademark, registered, etc.


This section explains the task of inserting special characters/symbols in the Content module:


1.Open the page you wish to edit in the Page Editor panel.


2.Locate the Content module and select the [Edit Content] button to open the Content Editor.
Click [Edit Content] to open the Content Editor

3.Within the Content Editor pop up, left click in the white text area, click on the [Insert Symbol] button and select a symbol or special character from the drop down.


4.To format text using Standard (Heading) styles, highlight text and select a Heading style from the Normal drop down.
To format text using Specialised styles, highlight text and select a style from the Apply CSS Class drop down.

Tip: Standard HTML code such as <H1> & <H2> and other preformatted classes set up within the design can be used in Custom Code modules.


5.When all text editing changes are complete, click Save to save changes or Publish to update the live site.

Key Info: Step 5 refers to the one person workflow scenario.  If your site uses the two person or three person workflow scenario, the Publish button will not be displayed until submitted changes have been approved.  Refer to Workflow Scenarios for more information.



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