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Login Button

The Login Button module displays a Logout and Login button on the live site. If the Login button is selected, site users are redirected to the page where the Login Form module resides.


When site members login, the Logout button is published in place of the Login button.  Members can use the Logout button to end their session.


There are no settings for this module.


button_login button_logout


Key Info: The Login Button module target page must be set to a page where the Login Form module resides.  To do so, go to: 
Contegro Start > Administration and select Target Pages.


Design Tip: Refer to Login.css for more information on design integration.


Tip: Site administrators with access to the Design Tools menu can update multiple pages simultaneously by adding/moving/removing Login Button modules at template level. To do so, go to: Contegro Start > Design Tools and select Templates.



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