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The Login Form and Login Button Modules displays a Login Form or Login button on your website. Site administrators can add one or more instance of the login form throughout the site as required.


1.This CSS file is used to style the Login Form and Login Button modules.


2.The Login Form layout uses the HTML <table> Tag to layout labels and fields.

3.The Login Button layout uses the HTML <div> tag to position the Login Button.

How to setup and manage this module? Use the Contegro Administration Console to access settings for this module. For example, adding a "Custom Title" and changing the text labels for "Password" or "Remember me".



Default Code


/* -----[ LOGIN ]--------------------------------------------------------------------- */


/* === [ Login Form - class applied to Table Tag ] === */


.LoginBorder {

 position: relative;

 margin: 10px 0px;

 padding: 0px;

 clear: both;

 width: 100%;



/* === [ Login/Logout Buttons - DIV around Image ] === */


.LoginButton {

 position: relative;

 margin: 10px 0px;

 padding: 0px;

 clear: both;

 width: auto;




Default Images


button_login Templates/_images/button_login.gif

button_logout Templates/_images/button_logout.gif

button_goto_login Templates/_images/button_goto_login.gif

button_goto_logout Templates/_images/button_goto_logout.gif



Contegro Demo Example


Login Form Layout


Login Form


Login Form > Forgotten Password Layout


Forgotten Password

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