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Login Form

Core Modules > Login Form


Site members use the Login Form to access to secure areas of your website.

Login Form

TIP:  (i) Update multiple pages simultaneously - add/manage login form modules via the Template Manager. (ii) See also - Manage Modules.


Manage Login Forms in the Editor

1.To add a login form - open your webpage in the Editor and add a Login Form module.
To manage an existing login form - go to step 2.

Add login form module

2.Open the module settings.

Open Login Form module settings

3.Update settings and click [OK].

Login Form Module Settings

Use template settings

Use Template Settings

Check box to use the settings managed at template level.

Note: Modules added at page level are not linked to the Template Manager and do not show this setting.


Settings - Status / Target

Status when logged in

Set the status of the login form when a member is logged in:

Visible - Continue displaying the Login Form module once logged in.

Logout Button - Display a Logout button in place of the Login Form.

Hidden - Hide the login form.

Target Page

By default, members are redirected to their Primary Group login redirect page.  Use this field to override the auto login redirect.

To set a target page, click the dotted button [...] and select an active page in the 'Page Selector' window.

To remove a target page setting, click the dotted button [...] and select the top node in the site tree.


TIP: This setting is ideal when the Login Form module is used as part of the checkout process on an Ecommcerce site.
See also Contegro Shopping Cart add-on module.

Contegro Login

Contegro Login settings

Contegro login

Check this box to allow Contegro members to login using this form (optional).

Contegro members are created:

Via the member registration module

By site administrators in the Member Account Manager


TIP: Users also have the option of creating an account via the Facebook Login plugin. Refer to the 'Login with Facebook' field below.

Custom Title

Add a custom title to the Login Form (optional).

Heading tag dropdown - Set the heading tag for the Login Form custom title. See also search engine optimisation (SEO).

Summary Text

Add summary (optional).
e.g. "Login below to access our secure member area".

Email Address Label

Set the Email Address field label (e.g. Login ID, Username, Email Address, etc).
Site members use this field to enter their email address or login name.

Password Label

Set the Password field label.
Site members use this field to enter their password.

Remember Me Label

Set the 'Remember Me' field label.

Remember Me

Show Remember Me

Check this box to add the 'Remember Me' field to the login form (optional).

Auto Focus on Email Address

Check this box to enable auto focus on the Email Address field (optional).

When the page loads, it will auto scroll to the position of the Login Form.

Forgotten Password

Forgotten Password settings

Show Forgotten Password

Check this box to show the Forgotten Password link (optional).

Forgotten Password Link

Forgotten Password Link

Set the Forgotten Password link text.

If site visitors use the forgotten password function, an email will be sent to the member which contains a reset password link.


TIP: Forgotten Password reset messages and the Forgotten Password confirmation email can be managed in the Login Form global module settings.

Return to login link

Set the 'return to login' link text.

Return to Login

Facebook login

Facebook Login settings

Login with Facebook

Check this box to allow site members to login using their Facebook account (optional).


Key Info: This setting is only available if the 'Enable Facebook Login' tickbox is enabled in the Login Form global settings.

Custom Title

Add a custom title (optional).

Heading tag dropdown - For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice, there should be no more than one Heading One <h1> tag and no more than two Heading Two <h2> tags on a page at one time.  The 'Heading' dropdown allows you set the Heading tag that surrounds the Facebook Login custom title.

Summary text

Add summary (optional).
e.g. "Login using your Facebook account".


4.Click [Publish] to update your site.

Pubish - Save

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