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Admin Group Permissions

The Group Permissions tab is used to assign specific task permissions to each admin group. It is important to think carefully when assigning of Permissions and Editing Rights to admin groups because these settings determine what access each site administrators has to Contegro's applications.


This section explains the task of managing administrator group permissions:


1.Go to Contegro StartAccounts > Administrators and select Group Permissions.
Contegro Start > Accounts > Administrators > Group Permissions

2.Enable/disable tickboxes in each column to assign permissions to each admin group.
Administrator Group Permissions

Note: If an active admin group is not visible in the Group Permissions tab, click the [Refresh] Editor_ToolsRefresh button.

Tip: See Workflow for more information on assigning workflow tasks when configuring One PersonTwo Person or  Three Person workflow.


3.When complete, click the [Save] button to save changes.


Core administrator group permissions fieldsCore group permissions fields


Core administrator group permissions fieldsAdd on module group permissions fields





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