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Creating Digital Signage templates

A template is a group of html, css and javascript files. The digital signage module takes these templates and lets administrators change text, images and colours.


Once an administrator has set the text, colours and images to his/her liking, the module will create a copy of the template which includes these changes, and those files will be downloaded by a bunch of PCs plugged into TV screens.


The PCs will load the html in a fullscreen Chrome browser, so any javascript or css animation which can be used on a regular website can also be used on a template.


Digital Signage Xml fileXml file


Digital Signage Variable typesVariable types


Digital Signage grouping variablesGrouping variables
Digital Signage Other filesOther files


Digital Signage Responsive stylesResponsive styles


Digital Signage Testing your templateTesting your template


Digital Signage RSS templatesRSS templates

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