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Manage E-Card Modules

NB: The steps below are based on the assumption that the E-Card add-on module has been configured as per the instructions in the setup guide.


This section explains the task of managing E-Card module settings in the Editor:


1.Open the page where the E-Card and/or E-Card Display module resides.


2.Open the module settings, update as required and click [OK].
Open E-Card module settings Open E-Card Display module settings

3.When all editing changes are complete, click [Save]  to save changes in the Editor or [Publish] to save changes and update the live site.
Pubish - Save

Key Info: Step 3 refers to the one person workflow scenario.  If your site uses the two person or three person workflow scenario, the Publish button will not be displayed until submitted changes have been approved.  Refer to Workflow Scenarios for more information.


E-Card module settingsE-Card module settings


E-Card Display module settingsE-Card Display module settings


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