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Manage Events Calendar Form Fields

Contegro understands that you may require custom fields (to capture custom event information relevant to your business) in addition to the default fields such as Title, Location, Summary, etc.


Site administrators can construct and integrate additional fields, using the simple drag-n-drop interface.


Note: You may need to have a minimum of Administrator permissions to manage settings for the Events Calendar add-on module.


This section explains the task of managing the form fields in the Events Calendar Fields.


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Events Calendar and select Fields.
Contegro Start > Add-on Modules > Events Calendar > Fields

2.By default, the Events Calendar Manager includes the fields listed below in a single container.
Events Calendar Fields

Note: The default elements above cannot be deleted.


3.The Drag & Drop Fields area contains all of the elements you need for customising fields in the Events Form module and Events manager.  To add more fields, drag-and-drop elements into the existing form.
Use drag-and-drop to add form elements within a container

Key Info: See form elements & properties for more information.  The following elements are specific to the events form and allow events to be tagged at the time of submission:
Tag Field - Use this element to add a tag input field to the events form.
Tag List - Use this element to add a tag selector. Tags are preset in this element and displayed in a dropdown or checkbox list in the events form.

Note: All elements are added to the bottom of the container.  Click [Drag Me] in the element control bar to reorder form elements once added.
Use drag-and-drop to reorder or move form elements


4.To edit field element properties including the label (which is used as the field name on the live page), click on the [Expand/Minimize] button in the control bar.
Click [Expand] to view element properties

5.Set from one of the field element properties as required.


Note: The properties within in each field element vary, see Field Elements & Properties explained.


6.Click [Save].


Key Info: Saving changes to custom fields (i.e. adding, removing and/or updating the Field ID) will result in existing indexed Events Calendar data becoming outdated.  Use the Site Index [Repopulate Index] button to manually update the search index or the [Repopulate] button in the Module Index section to update a specific module index.

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