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Manage Forms

Add-on Modules / Form Builder / Manage Forms


The Form Builder manager has all the tools you need to create, copy and  manage your website enquiry forms including multi-page surveys.


To manage forms, open the Contegro start menu and select Add-on Modules > Form Builder > Manage Forms.

Select 'Manage Forms' in the contegro start menu

In the form manager, all active and inactive forms are displayed in the list on the left hand side.

Form manager

From the Manage Forms page, you can:

Create Forms

Edit Forms


Create Forms

Construct and integrate forms using our extensive range of form elements.


Key Info:  (i) To setup an online payment form, please follow the steps below then refer to the Payment Gateway setup guide. (ii) To add an existing form to your webpage, open the Editor and add a Form Builder module to your webpage.


1.To create a form, you can build a new form or copy an existing form:


a.Build New Form - Click NEW and proceed to step 2a.

Click NEW


b.Copy Form:

i.Open the form you want to duplicate.

Select existing form

ii.Click EXPORT and save a copy of the form XML file to your local drive.

Click Export

iii.Click NEW and go to step 2b.

Click NEW


a.New Form - Enter a form name and proceed to step 3.

Set the form name


b.Copy Form - Set your form name, click [Choose File] to locate the XML file exported in step 1b and click IMPORT. Proceed to step 3 to add more fields or step 4 to edit your imported form.

Set form name, select form XML file and click IMPORT


NOTE: Proceed to step 6 if you have no other changes.


3.To add fields - drag text, input, list and design form elements into the form container.

Drag elements to your form container

TIPS: (i) Use containers to separate your form fields.  
Add form containers
(ii) Form elements are added to the bottom of the container when first added. Drag and drop elements to set the correct order of the fields in your form.
Use drag-and-drop to reorder or move form elements


4.Set the form element properties - click the down arrow to view the options. As you make changes, click [Preview] to view the changes.

Edit fields / Preview form

5.When you've finished editing your form, click SAVE.


6.To add the saved form to your website - open the editor and add a Form Builder module to one of your webpages.  See Module Settings for more information.


Edit existing forms

Using the simple drag-n-drop interface; Contegro administrators can easily edit existing forms by adding, removing or repositioning elements. Editing element properties, repositioning containers and updating the status of a form can also be achieved in a few easy steps.


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Form Builder and select Manage Forms.
Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Form Builder > Manage Forms

2.Select an existing form.
Select an existing form

3.Update or add form elements as required and [Save].


Delete formsDelete forms



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