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Manage Image Position

Setting the position or order of images within a category can be easily achieved using the Image Gallery Manager.


Note: The position set in this section will be displayed on the live site if the 'Order by field (within the Image Gallery Thumbnail module)  is set to 'Image Position'.


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Image Gallery and select Position.
Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Image Gallery > Position

2.Click [Select Category] to open the Category Selector pop up.
Click [Select Category] to view and select a gallery category

3.Within the Category selector window, select a category to view a resulting list of images.
View and select an active gallery category

4.Locate the image you want to reposition and click on the drop down in the 'Position' column. Select a number depending on where you want to position the image, e.g. To move an image to the top, select '1'.  Repeat steps as required.
Use the Position drop down to change the image order

Tip: The default number of images displayed in one page is 10.  Use the Page Size drop down to increase the number of images per page.

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