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Manage Guestbook Forms

The Guestbook form manager allows you to pull messages from multiple online forms and display them on the world map.


Note: This task is based on the assumption that your online form (or forms) has been setup in the Form Builder manager.


This section explains the management of Guestbook forms:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Guestbook and select Forms.
Contegro Start> Add-on Modules > Guestbook > Forms

2.To add a new form to the Guestbook, click [New] in the Create panel and:

a.Select an active form in the Form builder form dropdown.

b.Map the form fields to the required Guestbook fields.

c.Click [Save].
Create Guestbook forms

3.To edit Guestbook forms, click on the form name, edit the settings in the Edit panel and click [Save].Edit Guestbook forms

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