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Manage Gallery Upload Fields

Contegro understands that you may require custom fields (to add custom image information relevant to your business) in addition to the default fields such as Title, Code, Summary, etc.


Site administrators can construct and integrate additional fields, using the simple drag-n-drop interface.

By default, the Fields Manager includes the fields listed below in a single container.








New Icon

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Image Controls


Note: The default elements above cannot be deleted.

This section explains the task of managing Image Gallery upload fields:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Image Gallery and select Fields.
Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Image Gallery > Fields

2.The Drag & Drop Fields area within the Field Manager contains the available elements for constructing and integrating additional custom fields to the image gallery properties. Simply drag and drop as many text only, input and/or list fields as required into one or more containers.
Image Gallery Image Upload Fields Manager
The table below provides an explanation of each element available in the Drag & Drop Fields area:

Note: See step 6 for more information on selecting (or setting) each elements properties.


Field Title


Text Only Fields

Display Field

This element is used to display the default Image Upload fields:








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Image Controls

Input Fields

Text Box

The text box input element is displayed as a standard input field. Use this element to add an upload field that provides additional  information about your image(s).

Memo Box

The memo box input element is displayed as a multi line field with a scroll bar. Use this element to add an upload memo field that provides additional  information about your image(s).

Number Field

The number field element is displayed as a standard input field in the form, which supports numeric characters only. Use this field to add a new upload field that provides additional  information about your image(s).

Email Field

The email field input element is displayed as a standard input field in the form which supports a valid email address only.


Note: If the "Confirm Address" checkbox is selected, an additional confirmation field will be added to the form.  When visitors insert their email address in the email field, they will be required to confirm their email address. Visitors will receive a warning if the email addresses do not match. The confirmation option helps to reduce emails addresses being entered incorrectly. 

Date Time

The Date Time input element displays a Date field with calendar picker or a Date and Time field with calendar picker and time drop down. Use this field to set a date/time stamp in the image properties.

Yes/No Tick Box

The Yes/No tick box element displays a single tick box.


Choose Yes or No in the "Default" field to select whether the checkbox is ticked or unticked by default (Ticked=Yes, Unticked=No).

List Fields

Drop Down List

The drop down list element displays a single select drop down list.

Note: Hyperlinks to a form containing a dropdown list can be preset to display a dropdown list option set in the 'Enter List Options' field within the Drop Down List element properties.  When the link is selected, the preset list option will be displayed in the Form Builder form on the live site. 



The container element is used to group elements (or fields).  Add additional containers to your form as a way of separating sections.


Note: To add a title to the container, click on the [Edit] link, enter a title in the plain text field and click on the [Save] link.  The title does not appear on the live site.


Note: Please contact your web design to change the layout or formatting of elements to suit your individual requirements.


3.When an element is inserted within a container, the following information is displayed; Element Name, Element Label, Control Bar and Element Properties.
Fields Manager - Element Name, Label & Control Bar

Element Control Bar


Drag Me

This is the drag and drop selector, which allows you to:
   - Reposition a container (including elements) above or below another container,
   - Reposition elements within a container or,
   - Move elements from one container to another.


Click on the 'X' icon to delete an element.


Show/hide the element properties by clicking on the up or down arrow.


4.Set the element properties using the table below as a guide and click [Save].


Key Info: Saving changes to custom fields (i.e. adding, removing and/or updating the Field ID) will result in existing indexed Image Gallery data becoming outdated.  Use the Site Index [Repopulate Index] button to manually update the search index or the [Repopulate] button in the Module Index section to update a specific module index.


Default Element Properties



Enter a label (or field name) relating to the information required in this element.

Show Label (Checkbox)

When selected, the text entered in the 'Label' field will be displayed alongside the relating element on the public page.  Deselect the checkbox to hide the label (or field name) on the public page.


When selected, validation will be enabled for the related element.  Deselect this checkbox to disable validation.


Note: If the checkbox is selected, an asterisk (*) will be displayed alongside the label (or field name) on the public page.

Field ID

By default, the 'Field ID' field is populated with the element name and a sequential number, which makes the Field ID unique. We recommend that you update the field ID to be more meaningful; ensuring that the following rules are adhered to:


The Field ID must be unique; you cannot duplicate the field id of any other elements within this form.

You must not use any symbols or spaces to separate text within this field (i.e: Time & Date must be entered as "TimeDate")


The Field ID can be used as a variable within the 'Confirmation Message' in the Approval Email Template field.

Element Specific Properties


In-Field Label

(Text Box element only)

This field is not currently relevant to Image Gallery add-on module.


Note: The In-Field label is used by the Form Builder, Member Registration, E-Commerce Lite and Product Catalogue (Enquiry Form).

Max Characters
(Text Box & Memo Box elements)

Enter a numeric value to set the maximum number of characters supported.

Enter List Options
(Drop Down List only)

Enter comma delimited list values for use in the drop down list.


Note: Pressing [Enter] or [Return] on your keyboard will also separate list values.

Tip:  Use a forward slash to separate items shown in a single line,.g.g: Google/Twitter/Facebook.

Default List Option
(Drop Down List only)

This is an optional field within the drop down element properties.  Use this field to specify the list value to display by default.
The list value entered in this field must be exactly the same as one of the values entered in the "Enter List Options" field.

Show "Please select..."
(Drop Down List element only)

To show ‘Please Select’ as the default list value, leave the Default Text field blank and tick  the 'Show "Please select..."' checkbox.

Enable fill-in choice
(Drop Down List element only)

When selected, an ‘Other’ value will automatically be added to the list element. If required, use the plain text field to change 'Other' to a custom value.  When this value is selected within the form on the public page, a plain text box will appear which allows the visitor to enter additional information.


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