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Manage Product Catalogue Fields

The Fields Manager can be used to add product attribute fields for capturing


Follow these steps to manage fields in the Manage section or on the live site:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Product Catalogue and select Fields.
Contegro Start > Add-On Modules > Product Catalogue and select Fields.

2.By default, the 'Fields' section includes the fields listed below:
Product Attribute Fields

Title (Display Field)

Name (For SEO URLs) (Display Field)

SKU (Display Field)

Categories (Display Field)

Summary (Display Field)

Keywords (Display Field)

Price (Display Field)

Sales Price (Display Field)

Weight (Display Field)

Dimensions (Display Field)

Created Date (Display Field)

New Item (Display Field)

In Stock (Display Field)

Access Level (Display Field)

Status (Display Field)

In Stock (Display Field)


Note: (i) Default form elements above cannot be deleted. (ii) If SKU Number form element label is updated (e.g. ISBN-13), the saved change is visible on the live site; however the field label in the Product Details pop up window will remain as SKU Number.  


3.The Drag & Drop Fields area contains form elements for constructing and integrating additional custom fields in the Product Attributes. Simply drag-and-drop as many text only, input, list and/or managed fields as required into one or more containers.
Drag-and-drop form elements

Note: For more information on the form properties, see Form Elements & Properties explained.


4.To edit form fields, click on the [Expand/Minimize] button in the control bar and update the properties as required.
Click Expand to edit form fields

5.To reorder custom fields, drag-and-drop form fields to the preferred position.
Drag-and-drop elements to reorder fields

Key Info: Default fields have a fixed position. Reordering applies to custom fields displayed in the Custom Attributes section within the Attributes tab only.
Custom attributes


6.Click [Save].


Key Info: Saving changes to custom fields (i.e. adding, removing and/or updating the Field ID) will result in existing indexed Product Catalogue data becoming outdated.  Use the Site Index [Repopulate Index] button to manually update the search index or the [Repopulate] button in the Module Index section to update a specific module index.

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