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Search Results

The search results module is used to setup a search engine results page (SERP); either on the same page as the search form or on a separate page.

Search Results page example

1.To add a search results module - open your web page in the Editor and add a Search Results module.
To manage an existing search results module - go to step 2.

Add Search Results module

2.Open the module settings.

Open Search Results module settings

3.Update settings and click [OK].

Search Results Module Settings

Show Results From

Search - Select this option to display results generated by the search module.

Tags - Select this option to display results generated by the Tag Cloud module.

Thumbnail Width / Height

Use the width and height fields to set the thumbnail size for all images displayed in the search results.


Tip: Site administrators can set a global default thumbnail size for all new instances of the Search module at page and template level.

Results per Page

Use this field to specify the default maximum number of search results to display per page.  Pagination will automatically occur if the number of search results is higher than the value selected in this field.


Display on Page (Tickbox) - Toggle the 'Display on Page' tickbox to show/hide the 'Results per page' dropdown in the Search Form on the live site.  If the "Display on Page" tickbox is enabled, site users can override the default setting and select their preferred number of results per page.

Numbered (Radio button) - Select this option to enable pagination with Next and Back buttons (displayed when the results exceed the max items per page).

Show on Scroll (Radio button) - Select this option to load the max results per page on page load then show additional results as you scroll down the page.


Tip: Site administrators can set the global default number of results per page for all new instances of the Search module at page and template level.


Toggle 'Show at top' and 'Show at bottom' tickboxes to show/hide pagination above and below the search results.


Note:  This field is hidden if 'Show on Scroll is selected in the 'Results Per Page' field above.

No Results Message

Use this field to set the message displayed on the live site when no results are found.

Items to Display

Use the [Items to Display] button alongside each module to open and manage the module information displayed on the search results page.

Display (tickbox): Toggle the 'Display' tickbox in the Items to Display window to show/hide indexed data on the live search results page.

Group (CSS Class): Use the Group field to add a DIV class for styling purposes (e.g. move elements above or below each other or floating left or right).  Left click once (or double click) to set/remove the DIV class.

Drag Me: Use drag-and-drop to set the order of each item. To move multiple items, hold the CTRL button, select two or more items and drag-and-drop.













Real Estate Items to Display (Search Results)Real Estate Listing or Real Estate Agent





Tabs can be used to group search results by module. Toggle the 'Enable Tabs' tickbox to show/hide tabs.


Visible (tickbox) - Toggle tickboxes to show/hide tabs.  This setting is overwritten if the 'Enable Tabs' tickbox is disabled.

Title - Tab titles can be customised to suit your requirements.  To edit, left click once to load the title input field and update as required.


Key Info: The search results 'Sort By' dropdown is displayed within each module tab.  If the 'Enable Tabs' tickbox is disabled, the tabs and sort by dropdown will be hidden and all search results will be displayed on the page in order of relevancy



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