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In Contegro, a snippet is a portion of HTML code specifically written to offer re-usable and pre-formatted content for use throughout your website. Having a library of snippets for content managers provides additional re-usable options without having to re-write the HTML multiple times.


All active snippets can inserted in the Content module at page level and the Custom Code module settings, also at page level and in the Template Manager.


Tip: Site administrators with access to the Snippet Library can update multiple pages simultaneously by editing snippets currently selected in the Custom Code module(s).


This section explains the task of managing snippets:


1.Go to Contegro Start > Content and select Snippets.
Contegro Start > Content > Snippets

2.To add a new snippet, complete Name and Description fields and manually type or paste HTML code into the Content field within the Snippet Details section and click [Save]. Once saved, the new snippet is added to the Current Snippets list.  The snippet name is displayed in the Insert Code Snippet dropdown in the Content and the Custom Code module settings.
Snippets Details fields explained 

3.To edit existing snippets, click on the snippet name in the Current Snippets section and edit snippet details as required in the Snippet Details section.  Click [Save] to update snippet. Once saved, any custom code modules currently using the edited snippet will be updated accordingly.

4.To delete snippets, click on the snippet name in the Current Snippets section and click [Delete].
Delete Snippets


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