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Manage Accessibility

To generate content that can be interpreted by the Accessibility Tools integrated in Microsoft Windows (the Narrator, the Magnifier, and the On-Screen Keyboard), the Content Editor includes additional fields in the Table Properties dialogue.


The narrative software uses the information from the Accessibility table fields (heading rows, columns, caption alignment and summary) to produce a Tooltip message for each table cell. Users with impaired vision can see those Tooltips as they hover over the cells with the mouse.


You can create a "Section 508"-compliant table with the Table Wizard. Alternatively, you can convert an existing table to a "Section 508"-compliant table using the Table Properties menu.


1.Open the page you wish to edit.
Open page

2.Click [Edit Content].
Open editor

Tip: To add, move/reorder, delete and manage module publish settings - see Manage Modules.


3.Select [Table Wizard].
Select Table Wizard button

4.Open the Accessibility tab, complete all fields and enable 'Associate cells with headers' tickbox. Create Accessible Table

5.Click OK to create a "Section 508"-compliant table.

6.Click [Save] to save changes or [Publish] to update the live site.

Key Info: Step 6 refers to the one person workflow scenario.  If your site uses the two person or three person workflow scenario, the Publish button will not be displayed until submitted changes have been approved.  Refer to Workflow Scenarios for more information.



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